Who We Are

We are volunteers made up of parents, health professionals, and young adults with appearance differences. Whether we are a patient, their parent, or medical provider, we are all intimately impacted by the life-changing work being done everyday by the surgical and mental health professionals in the Philadelphia area. We are passionate about bringing to bear our experiences and resources to help children and their families navigate the medical, social, and psychological issues associated with appearance differences. 


Why it matters

When a child is first born with a facial abnormality, his or her parents experience a tidal wave of emotions and questions. Will my child be healthy? What social obstacles will he or she face? How do we even begin to educate ourselves on which surgeries, doctors, and therapies will be required?

Reaching out

No one knows the answers to these questions better than the parents and patients who have been through the process. We are those parents and patients. Through fundraising to host group events, provide one-on-one peer support, and school outreach, we bring our experiences, our knowledge, and our livable wisdom so that each successive generation of children with facial differences lives better than the last.


Our mission

Philly Phaces is committed to empowering children, adults, and families facing appearance differences providing peer support, advocacy, and resources. In recognition of the importance of giving back to the community, Philly Phaces is devoted to catering to the families within the Philadelphia metro area who are cared for within the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.